Esperanza Gross

Oral medicine and bruxism

Conociendo a Esperanza

The clinic and the patients

Why did you choose this profession?

I chose this profession because I had always liked the field of health care and being in contact with other people. Therefore, and even if neither of my parents work in this field, my passion for odontology grew up as I became older.

Which three qualities must have someone whose job is the same as yours?

Empathetic, strict and I would also say… a little bit nonconformist.

How is a workday for you at the clinic?

Currently, I combine my master studies and my job in Madrid with the short-time periods I spent in Bilbao. When I am in Bilbao, I like to start the day practising sport to go full of energy to the clinic. Then, when I am at the clinic, days goes by very fast because we do not even have a moment to relax. Once we are finished with patients, I like to stay studying or checking the cases we have to deal with.

Which is the major satisfaction of working at Ortiz-Vigón Clinic?

The best part of working here is to have the chance to work with the leading-edge resources, material and technology as well as working with professionals who make my day easier.

How differs this clinic from the rest?

Quality makes this clinic different. That is to say, the quality of the services and the high-skilled professionals. However, workdays tend to be very satisfying.

A tip for our patients?

I recommend our patients to take care of their mouth because it is part of their health status. Pathologies prevention is the key, so annual medical check-ups may help to avoid greater problems.


Conociendo a Esperanza

If you did not have this job, what do you think you will be doing?

I would be a doctor or a lawyer.

A quality you appreciate in people?


A quality that defines you?


A hobby?

One of my most gratifying hobbies is ballet, but unfortunately I do not have enough time to practice.


Philias , not phobias

A book: Ken Follet’s “The Century” trilogy

A film or a series: Forrest Gump

A song: Janis Joplin’s Little girl blues

A place to lose yourself: Cabo de gata, south Spain


Esperanza Gross is not the only workmate who has shared her personal aspect. Would you like to know how did they start working here, what they love or what are other members of the team like?

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