Mª Carmen Blanco

Periodontal maintenance

Conociendo a Mª Carmen

The clinic and the patients

Why did you choose this profession?

Because it is a very active and a very rewarding profession, both on a personal and on a professional level.

Which three qualities must have someone whose job is the same as yours?

Actively listening, empathy and patience because many patients come with fear and they need a very approachable and friendly staff.

How is a workday for you at the clinic?

Everyday is different because each patient is special and has unique characteristics. Besides working on periodontal maintenance, which is the part of my job that connects me with the patients, I’m also responsible for the coordination with suppliers and laboratories.

Which is the major satisfaction of working at Ortiz-Vigón Clinic?

The most satisfying thing about this job is to see the patients happy and smiling when they walk out the door of the cabinet.

How differs this clinic from the rest?

The confidence our patients place in every single member of the team.

Is there any particular moment you remind with special affection?

Yes, absolutely. There are many anecdotes… 32 years are long enough for much! I recall with affection that some time ago we inserted some new implants to a patient and after that moment, he told us he started listening to the radio (he believed implants attracted slings).

A tip for our patients?

Brushing the teeth is not an easy task, it requieres careful technique and some instructions that most of the time we ignore. That is why it is so important to see regularly your dental hygienist to be informed with the latests news and the connections between oral health and the rest of the organism.


Conociendo a Mª Carmen

If you did not have this job, what do you think you will be doing?

Teaching. In fact, when I started working here, I balanced my job at the clinic with private classes for students. In the end, I had to set ity aside because it required so many extra time.

A quality you appreciate in people?

Sincerity. I think a sincere person is someone clear and transparent.

A quality that defines you?

I’m truthful, I think that somehting fair is something right.

A hobby?

Horticulture, decoration and travelling. Regarding horticulture, I love to experience in first person the development of a plant, to watch how it grows up. In relation to decoration, I can honestly say that I like to imagine new spaces and removing old things to bring new ones.


Philias, not phobias

A book: Gone with the wind (Margaret Mitchell)

A film or a series: House

A song: Pastillas de freno (Estopa) and Desde que estamos juntos (Melendi)

A place to lose youself: Cíes Islands


Mª Carmen Blanco is not the only workmate who has shared her personal aspect. Would you like to know how did they start working here, what they love or what are other members of the team like?

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