Dr. Ortiz-Vigón, clinical director of Ortiz-Vigón Clinic – PerioCentrum Bilbao, finished his doctoral dissertation obataining the Summa Cum Laude qualification, the highest possible qualification.

El Dr. Ortiz-Vigón obtiene la calificación sobresaliente cum laude en su tesis doctoral

This is excellent news, which places value on all the effort and work done during the past years. Dr. Ortiz-Vigón adds this PhD Summa Cum Laude qualification to a large professional curriculum that shows that our clinical director has combined his clinical work, teaching, research, collaboration with other entities and developing other type of projects such as the non-profit organization Smile is a Foundation.

Receiving the highest possible qualification in his doctoral thesis makes clear which is the level of the professionals working at Ortiz-Vigón Clinic, with Dr. Ortiz-Vigón leading the whole project. Once again, congratulations Alberto!

Here you have the surprise video the entire team prepared to wish Dr. Ortiz-Vigón luck:

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