On the occasion of World Cancer Day, we want to approach the topic from our focal point. We want to focus on oral cancer and the importance of the odontologist in the prevention and early diagnosis. In fact, oral medicine is one of our medical specialties.

What is oral cancer and which are its symptons

Oral cancer is the one that appears in the mouth cavity. This cavity includes lips, teeth, gums, two thirds of frontal tongue of and lower and upper sides of the mouth, as well as the mid part of the throat.

Despite the fact there are warning signs of suffering form oral cancer, only your specialist and / or your odontologist is capable of doing a clinical diagnosis. That is the reason why is so important to go for regular chech-ups as well as to visit your odontologist.

The most common symtpoms

  • An injure in your lips, gums or inside the oral cavity that easily bleeds and does not seal properly afterwards.
  • A bundle or an increase of thickness of the cheek.
  • White or red spots in the gums, the tongue or in any zone of inside the mouth.
  • Constant drowsiness of the mouth or the tongue.
  • Permanent pain in the mouth without apparent motive.
  • Considerable swelling in the jaw.
  • Difficulties to chew or to swallow.

How can your odontologist help you?

During the regular visit to the dentist, he/she should be aware of the changes in the medical history of the patient and the new symptoms. After this first test, he/she proceeds to the checkup and documentation by means of photographies of the oral cavity: lips, lower side of the cheek, tongue, lower and upper sides of the mouth, examination of the tonsils and jaw and neck. If the dentist detects some anomaly, he/she might decide to examine you a few days later or to refer you to a specialist to carry on with the right check-ups for a correct diagnosis.

Oscar Castro, president of the Dentists’ General Council of Spain , said some months ago: “the visits to the dentist are of maximum importance because by undertaking an exploration of the entire mouth, it will be possible to detect the disease as soon as possible and to increase the probabilities of treatment. In fact, in Spain 85 % of the cases of oral cancer are diagnosed late, only in 2017 5.000 new cases will be registered”.


There are not magic formulas to completely avoid oral cancer. But there are preventive proceedings that help us to reduce the risk of appearance. The first one and the most important, to leave aside alcohol and tobacco, principal risk factors. It is of great help to have a balanced and rich diet in fruits and vegetables. And, certainly, to have a correct oral hygiene.

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact with Ortiz-Vigón Clinic calling us to 944 158 902 or completing our contact form. We are delighted to help you.

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