Feeling the mouth dry, pasty… probably it is a situation we all have experienced on occasion. Sometimes the sensation goes by fast and drinking water feels enough. However, if the dryness remains maybe we are facing a case of xerostomia.

The continuous sensation of dry mouth or xerostomia is caused by a decrease in saliva in our oral cavity. So, this problem appears when a gland salivary disorder occurs. As we have said previously, saliva carries out very important functions: oral tissues remain wet so basic actions such as speaking or mastication are facilitated. Moreover, saliva helps the cleaning of our oral cavity and regulates the built-up bacteria. Water without gas can also serve the same purpose by removing the quantity of acid and sugar that can be found among our teeth after having lunch.

Thus, as you have already imagined, a saliva decrease can badly affect our everyday life by inconveniencing simple actions such as talking, chewing, etc. Even if xerostomia is not considered as a disease, it can be a very annoying dysfunction which directly affects our quality if life.

Many reasons can be identified as the origin to this problem: speaking in public, stress and anxiety, an unbalanced diet, smoking, as well as concrete illnesses and certain medical drugs use. If you want to find out more information about xerostomia do not hesitate to contact us. The treatment for xerostomia varies depending on the reason that has caused it and that is why we recommend a medical visit in case you feel any of the symptoms.

Currently, xerostomia is very common: 20% of the population suffers from it. It is more common amongst women and people aged more than 50, a segment of citizens where the percentage is double.

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