What is conscious sedation with Nitrous Oxide?

Conscious sedation with Nitrous Oxide is a technique that is used for different procedures. In this way, the patient will be awake and with all his faculties during the treatment but without feeling any pain.

How is it applied:

  • It is applied through a naso-buccal mask.
  • After three minutes of the administration of the analgesic gas, the diagnostic or therapeutic intervention can be performed without causing pain.
  • Once the inhalation stops, the initial state is recovered almost immediately.

When is it convenient to apply it?

  • Phobia to the dentist. The patient inhales a mixture of nitrous oxide with oxygen (non-toxic, totally harmless gases).
  • Decreases tension and any uncomfortable feeling you may have during the procedure.
  • Intensive dental treatments or procedures that require many hours in the dental chair.
  • Patients with a high level of stress when going to the dentist.
  • Patients in whom local anesthesia can not be administered.

In the following video Dr. Erik Regidor talks about this procedure:

It is a safe technique, easy to administer and very comfortable for the patient. In our clinic we always seek to achieve the best results with the most advanced technology, without forgetting a good service with the corresponding qualification to carry it out.