Bienvenida Lidia Zarzuela


We continue growing! On this occasion, we would like to introduce you a doctor who has joined our team. Probably some of you have already met her, but there is still a lot to learn from her. So we  are happy for publicly announcing our new colleague Dr. Lidia Zarzuela. 


Zarzuela joined us at the same period Dr. Jordi Navarro did, nearly three months ago. The new member of the clinic has diverse previous experiences as a general odontologist and as a specialist in prothesis, implantoprothesis and dental aesthetics. In addition, she has also experience as a teacher in the polyclinic of the European University of Madrid (UEM). At Ortiz-Vigón Clinic, Lidia Zarzuela mainly devotes herself to restorative odontology.

Further education…

After graduating in Odontolgy at the European University of Madrid, Zarzuela carried out Postdegree studies in Clinical Training in the mentioned university as well as a Master in Prothesis, Implantoprothesis and Dental Aesthetics. Nevertheless, as the rest of the members of the clinic, Zarzuela has completed her high education with diverse courses and academic practices. Some of these complementary activities have been, for example: courses of composites (previous sector), manufacture of totally ceramic dental crowns, dental adhesion, resins composed in later sectors and sector antero-superior, manufacture of complete protheses or DSD’s course for the UEM and Centro de Planificación Coachman.

Diverse practices in provisional direct confection, photography or waxing integrate Zarzuela’s broad education. On the other hand, Zarzuela carried out a presentation at SEPES 2015 congress about the Poster “Adhesive Rehabilitation in patients with lip-nose-palate cleft and acid erosions”. Therefore, we are very happy to have Dr. Lidia Zarzuela with us because of her knowledge, know-how and professionalism in the service of our patients, to your service. Welcome to the team!

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