Dental Implants

Implantes dentales en Bilbao, tratamientos de Clínica Ortiz-Vigón

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that replace natural teeth. They are inserted into the patient’s jawbone and provide support for their new permanent teeth. Implanted teeth look natural and are what best replaces the feeling of comfort and safety of our own teeth.

Why might I need dental implants? When are they a good solution?

When one, several, or all our teeth are missing: Implants are the best solution when there is no longer a tooth or when a natural tooth has an impossible prognosis from the point of view of repair and restoration.

How are they fitted? Does it hurt?

They are fitted during surgery under local anaesthetic (sometimes supplemented with sedation), and totally painlessly. The postoperative period is usually very easy. Thanks to modern, minimally invasive microsurgical techniques, the occurrence of complications such as pain, swelling or bruising is very uncommon.

What is the success rate?

Very high: We have achieved successful osteointegration in 99.1% of cases, working in a sterile and safe surgical field. In most cases where good integration is not obtained (0.9%), the implant can be replaced again after a time. This does not mean that there is any rejection, but rather a lack of stability between bone and implant. It is therefore essential to follow post-surgery instructions.

Is there an age limit for fitting dental implants?

Absolutely not: It is precisely older people who benefit most from dental implants.

Are they for life?

Maintaining proper hygiene habits, avoiding risk factors, such as tobacco, and going to the stipulated check-ups for maintenance will ensure the success of our treatments.

For our part, we guarantee:

  • A maximum level of competence in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal and implantology problems.
  • Scientific reliability in the tests and treatment we recommend for you.
  • Completion of the treatment plan and attainment of the proposed objectives.
  • A friendly service, meticulous and timely
  • The use of sterile instruments and materials with proven quality.