Teeth in an Hour

teeth in an hour

What is the teeth in an hour technique?

This is the combination of a specific surgical technique: Minimally Invasive Guided Surgery, along with fitting teeth immediately / immediate loading.

Thanks to the accuracy of the surgical procedure called Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery, which uses the information provided by a computerised radiological study, a reconstruction of the patient’s mouth and bone is made. Taking this as a basis, using computer software, we then plan the position, direction, diameter, length and depth of the implants to be fitted in the mouth. This way the laboratory can manufacture teeth for the patient prior to surgery.

The denture will be placed just after the implants are fitted. Discomfort is really minimal as the procedure is done without lifting the gum, with no stitches and no incisions … and in one single session.

Using these techniques can reduce surgery time and post-operative discomfort.

Are there any contraindications?

In fact, there are very few – the same as when fitting traditional implants. But the instructions must be followed and it must be confirmed that the case is suitable for guided surgery.

Is special care needed after fitting the teeth in one hour?

As there are no stitches, patients can get back quickly to their daily routine. All that is needed is to keep to a bland diet for three or four months, in order to avoid excessive chewing and not compromise the integration of the implants. The goal is to achieve correct and complete healing of the bone.