Oral Medicine

oral medicine

Oral medicine or oral disease is the area of ​​dentistry that is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity which are not dental per se. The structures affected by these diseases and the symptoms they produce are varied. Some of them are the pain caused by ulcers or sores which occur in the mucosa; an uncomfortable dry mouth as a result of changes in the salivary glands; infections; cysts or, on occasions, an inexplicable burning sensation in the mouth.

Early diagnosis of precancerous lesions

Oral medicine also includes the study of precancerous lesions and cancer of the mouth, whose early diagnosis is one of the most important jobs of the dentist and oral health professional. This will completely determine the course of the disease, considerably reducing mortality.

Do not forget that a proper oral examination includes a review of the entire oral mucosa, not just your teeth, so we have a team prepared and specialised in the detection, prevention and treatment of these pathologies.