endodontics ortiz-vigon

Endodontics are devoted to prevent or cure apical periodontitis. That is to say, to avoid or to treat inflammatory or infectious processes that derive from the flesh, also known as nerve, which is located inside the tooth.

One of the most common situations in which an endodontic therapy is required derives from somre caries development where bacteria have entered into the pulp causing swelling and/or infection. This pathology can be extended over the tissues surrounding the teeth (specially the bone). Carrying out an endodontic treatment, we remove the causative agent of the pathology, in ther words, bacteria, and we avoid its reproduction by inner seal cushion of the rooth, thereby achieving the healing of the process. This way, we mantain the tooth and avoid its extraction.

This is a painless procedure which postoperative feelings tend to be minor with a few exceptions. In general, it is enough with a single visit but it depends on the conditions and characteristics of the case. Endodontic treatment’s success rate is above 90%.