Maximum comfort


ZEISS cinemazer OLED glasses. You can enjoy yourself watching a documentary while we perform the treatment you need.


Ipads. To ensure your privacy, all patient records are digital. We pay attention to the smallest details.

Sillones confort

Armchair comfort. Our armchairs provide more comfort than any other available today.



VistaScan digital radiology. Digital radiography enables clinicians to obtain high-resolution 2D images.

Radiovisiography. Having access to digital radiographic images improves the quality of our diagnoses and treatments.

3D Icat Scanner. A dental or CT scan is a three-dimensional X-ray that captures the full (or partial) volume of the mouth.

Minimally Invasive

Microcirugía en Bilbao, tratamientos dentales de Clínica Ortiz-Vigón
Lupas de aumento
Lentes telescópicas

Microscope. The microscope provides an excellent overview of the examination site, enabling us to work more accurately and efficiently.

Magnifiers. Magnification enables us to provide higher quality treatments using minimally invasive techniques.

Telescopic lenses. Telescopic lenses provide a comfortable working distance and greater accuracy in our treatments.



Piezon master. We manage to undertake far less invasive microsurgery treatments that improve quality of life after surgery.


Florida electronic probe. This is the fastest and most accurate system for recording periodontal probing, which improves the quality of the treatment.


Precision material. In the Ortiz-Vigón Clinic we work with the most effective technology to achieve the best results.