As it is said, today is Blue Monday. Or what is the same thing: Sad Monday. This is the name given to the third Monday of January, popularly known in the last years for supposedly being the saddest day of the year. The concept became known around year 2005 and, in short terms, it is based on a formula after calculating Christmas debts, motivation, weather and the need to take decisions and other variables.

At Ortiz-Vigón Clinic we are a little stubborn and we do not want you to fall in the terrible temptation of losing your smile. We do not want you to be part of this sad collective spirit of Blue Monday. Because to show your smile, the same one you take much care of together with your odontologist, brings you health benefits. 


  1. When we smile neurotransmitters entrusted to liberate endorphins are activated, neurotransmitters in charge of making ourselves feel with better spirit and / or happier. According to a study published in US National Library of Medicine. National Insitute of Health this expression also generates neurotransmitters as the dopamine, which has a positive effect on our state of mind. That is to say, the brain interprets that you are satisfied and liberates substances capable of making you happy.
  2. When we smile, as we have previously said, level of endorphins increases. Unlike cortisol (the hormone of stress) that diminishes, giving us a sensation of greater relaxation.
  3. To smile helps reducing arterial pressure.
  4. To laugh expands lungs and stretches and relaxes the muscles of the body, creating a sensation of well-being.
  5. To smile helps improving communication. There are many psychologists who assure that smiling makes us feel more comfortable and open-mind. That is to say, if the person in fornt of us see us smiling, possibly that person will show a more positive attitude towards us, will have much confidence and will decide to open a communication channel.

However, the fundamental thing is that the smile and the laugh are sincere. And if you want to smile, to not be embarrased. It is never a bad moment to illuminate your mouth and teeth. There is no better smile than a healthy smile. And if this is not your case, do not hesitate to contact Ortiz-Vigón Clinic. We will help you to have a healthy denture. Who said Blue Monday?

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