Restoration of endodontically-treated tooth with a poor prognosis

After the great clinical and attendance success of the ITI Study Club Bilbao’s first session held at our clinic last April 6, we have recently organized the second meeting of these formative proposals for dentistry professionals. The subject was Restoration of endodontically-treated tooth with a poor prognosis, the second session of the ITI Study Club Bilbao had an extraordinary acceptance, due to the reputation of the lecturer.

Study Club Bilbao de ITI módulo 2: restauración del diente endodonciado

Renowned and expected lecturer

After initiating ITI Study Club Bilbao’s training program of 2018 with a live surgery led by Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón and the later theoretical explanation of Dr. Erik Regidor, for this second meeting celebrated April 27, we had with us professor and doctor Francisco Martínez Rus. Dr. Martínez Rus, a dental renowned professional, usuallu develops his academic activity as a professor at the Complutensian University of Madrid (UCM). Besides holding a Master in Orofacial Prothesis, he also holds a Doctorate in Odontology for the UCM. On the other hand, many of Dr. Martínez Rus’ publications have been published in scientific national and international magazines. He is usually invited as a speaker in many numerous courses of continuous training.

The training room of Ortiz-Vigón Clinic – PerioCentrum Bilbao reached its full capacity with the presence of more than 20 professionals of odontology, who came to our dental clinic to hear first-hand the contributions of doctor Francisco Martínez Rus, who besides offering a masterclass on Restoration of endodontically-treated tooth with a poor prognosis, put on the table diverse topics and showed an incomparable sense of humor. In total, five-hour formative session in which the assistants learnt from the experience of the speaker and raised open debates. More videos in our Youtube’s channel.

Next ITI Study Club Bilbao: June 15

The next session of the ITI Study Club Bilbao will be next June 15. This time we will have with us doctor Vincenzo Giovane as a lecturer. Giovane is associate professor in the Master of Restorative Dentistry based on New Technologies at the UCM and co-director of the “Stratification composites in anterior teeth” course. In this meething, we will approach the subject Direct aesthetic Restorations in the anterior region. Theoretical, demonstrative and practical class. You only have to be an ITI partner and write us to

Study Club Bilbao: Módulo 3

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