The program of clinical residences for odontologists goes forward at PerioCentrum clinics. In addition, the registration period is now open for the new programmed clinical residence: February 28. The inscription can be completed sending us an e-mail to or calling us at 918275306. The number of opele is limited, with a maximum of 10 attendees.

Residencias clínicas para odontólogos en BilbaoClinical case

During clinical residences, by means of the discussion of the specific case that has to be treated and the observation of live surgery, the attendee may observe the surgical technologies to use as well as the necessary skills that will have to develop in his/her clinical practice and acquire the knowledge about the treatment plan for this type of cases.

In this case, the procedure for the next February 28 consists of the complete upper and low rehabilitation with immediate implants, with computer-guided surgery and immediate bimaxilar loading. After the insertion and the implants, the patient will be scanned and the fixed provisional prothesis on the implants by immediate loading will be made.


  • 9.00: clinical case presentation
  • 10:00: live surgery
  • 13:00: immediate loading
  • 17:00 procedure’s details
  • 18:00: closing

The faculty team will composed of Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón,  Dr. Carmen Carnicero, Dr. Erik Regidor and Dr. Esperanza Gross.

Internships at PerioCentrum clinics

Our clinical internships program enable participants learn to treat patients from an interdisciplinary point of view, from the bases of periodontics and implantology, in a very personalized way. These days, we had with us Dr. Alejandro Herrera (clinical director of Clinica Dental Herrera) and Dr. Bibian Culca (clinical director of Clinica Dental Nudent). Dr. Herrera is pariticipating in a long duration clinical residence program. In fact, we visited in November PerioCentrum Segovia and later in January PerioCentrum Ávila.

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