Privacy policy


In ORTIZ-VIGÓN CARNICERO, S.L.P. we are committed to the protection of privacy and the correct use of the personal data we treat and that you provide to us, both on-line on this website and off-line.

Please, read carefully this privacy policy and make sure you understand and agree with it before providing us your personal information. Staying on this website, provinding us your information, whether online or offline, we understand that you are giving us your consent to treat your information for the purposes indicated below.



Address: Alda. Urquijo, 2 – 7, 40008, Bilbao

Phone: 944158902


What for do we get your information:

The main purpose is to provide you the best service in Ortiz-Vigón Clinic.

We keep the provided information until you tell us the opposite.

By law, we must have a lawful reason for processing your personal information. We process standard personal information about you if this is:

  • necessary to provide the services set out in a contract − if we have a contract with you, we will process your personal information in order to fulfil that contract (that is, to provide you and your dependants with our products and services);
  • in our or a third party’s legitimate interests − details of those legitimate interests are set out in more detail below;
  • required or allowed by law.

We process special category information about you because:

  • it is necessary for the purposes of preventive or occupational medicine, to assess whether you are able to work, medical diagnosis, to provide health or social care or treatment, or to manage health-care or social-care systems;
  • it is necessary for an insurance purpose (for example, advising on, arranging, providing or managing an insurance contract, dealing with a claim made under an insurance contract, or relating to rights and responsibilities arising in connection with an insurance contract or law);
  • it is necessary to establish, make or defend legal claims (for example, claims against us for insurance);
  • we have your permission. As is best practice, we will only ask you for permission to process your personal information if there is no other legal reason to process it. If we need to ask for your permission, we will make it clear that this is what we are asking for, and ask you to confirm your choice to give us that permission. If we cannot provide a product or service without your permission we will make this clear when we ask for your permission. If you later withdraw your permission, we will no longer be able to provide you with a product or service that relies on having your permission.

How do we get your information:

Through your contact with us, including by phone , by email, through our websites, through our apps, by post, by filling in application or other forms, by entering competitions, through social media or face-to-face (for example, in medical consultations, diagnosis and treatment).

You can contact us to remove or change anything of provided information. For more information contact us: