Painless anaesthesia

Many of our patients are afraid of needles: this is a fact. This prevents them from visiting the dentist or makes visits more difficult. Ortiz-Vigón Clinic seeks maximum comfort for our patients and thus offers two alternative systems of anaesthesia.


We provide a novel painless method using electronic anaesthesia. We use the new Wang STA anaesthesia devices.

Anaesthesia infiltration was a painful process for many patients. This was especially the case in some of the most sensitive areas of the mouth, such as the front part or palate. The STA technique makes periapical or intra-ligamentanaesthesia possible using a system where the anaesthetic is dosed drop by drop, preventing pain during infiltration.

In cases where the patient so requires, we offer a type of anaesthesia using intravenous sedation. This type of sedation is not a general anaesthetic, thus removing the risks that this entails.

Conscious sedation enables the patient to be calm and relaxed throughout the procedure, in a controlled way, and they recover their normal state of consciousness once the intervention is over.

To do this we have a top level specialist in anaesthetics:  Dr. María Cano