We care about both your smile and your children’s smile. That is the reason we want to remind you the Dental Assistance Program for Children, better known as PADI for it’s Spanish acronym, which guarantees for free the oral care for all the children in the Basque Country aged from 7 to 15.

As we say, this is a free service offered by the Basque Government and Osakidetza (the public Basque health system), along with some dental clinics such as ours, Ortiz-Vigón Clinic. The requirements to take advantage of this program are the annual stub of your children together with the Individual Health Cards.

In case you do not have them, these are the telephone numbers you can contact in each province to make the formal requests:

  • Alava: 945.01.66.51
  • Gipuzkoa: 943.00.64.65
  • Bizkaia: 944.03.36.07/08/09

As we have said many times, children’s annual dental review and prevention, which should be promoted at home, are fundamental: healthy habits, toothbrush, precocious treatment of caries … and certainly, the periodic visit to the dentist.

For further information, check the PADI website.

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