The pacifier, as it names suggests, creates a calming effect on children. This object, or the thumb instead, calms down the baby and quenches the need of suctioning, which is stronger during the first months of its life. So far, nothing new for none of us. However, the controversy is served: until when can children use the dummy without creating consequences in their dental health?

In principle, the pacifier should not be the cause of dental malformations if the baby stops using it before he/she is 3 years old. During the first two years, his/her world twists around the mouth: eats, bites (or tries to) and drives all around him/her to the mouth. The baby usually has a no-nutritive suction necessity which will be satiated with the pacifier. Nevertheless, as the baby grows, the mentioned suction need will disappear. Therefore, the use of the pacifier should be reduced by the parents/tutors after the child is 2 years old. Several studies show that, if the dummy is put aside before the age of 3, the problems that might had been caused can be solved.

In theory, the dummy should not cause deformities but extended use of it can vary this principle. Thus, the problem appears if the kid uses the pacifier or the thumb when he/she is older than 3.  In this case, the upper jaw could be displaced and bring up problems related to mastication or even pronunciation.

As always, by visiting the odontologist regularly we can avoid and prevent any problem that could be developed in the mouth of those little ones. Now we are back to the school, it is a good moment for coming to us. We will be waiting for you!

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