Ortiz-Vigón dental clinic

In the Ortiz-Vigón Clinic, founded in 1982, we aim at comprehensive medical and surgical treatment of all diseases affecting the maxillofacial area. We are leaders in Periodontics, Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Located in the centre of Bilbao, we have a team at the forefront of its field. We work with the most advanced techniques, facilities and equipment.

Our success is based on specialised patient care to provide a top quality service. As this is our goal, the treatment proposed to each patient is tailored to their particular needs. We therefore cannot publish a price list of treatments, as each of these will depend on the requirements of each particular case. Personal care for our patients is the basis of our work.

The Ortiz-Vigón Clinic is a PerioCentrum centre: we are part of the PerioCentrum project, a unique and innovative project that aims for clinical excellence, the highest level of training in periodontics and implants, and scientific precision.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: the Ortiz-Vigón Clinic’s mission is all-round surgical and medical treatment of all diseases affecting the maxillofacial area, always aiming at excellence and the lowest cost for our patients.

 Vision: The vision of the Ortiz-Vigón Clinic is that oral health should reach all citizens, adapting our services to the needs of each patient and using the most advanced technologies.

Values: at the Ortiz-Vigón Clinic we value our patients, health professionals – and health above all. Patient satisfaction is our priority: we always seek their maximum comfort, offering customised treatments for each problem and each patient, always with the aim of improving their health.

We understand that a visit to the dentist can give rise to different feelings in each of our patients, and therefore our service is based on achieving your maximum comfort before, during and after your visit.