Oral piercing: a bad idea


Nowadays, body piercings are very common. Whether esthetic, fashion or cultural reasons, piercings around/inside the mouth are the order of the day. Tongue, lips, fraenum or cheeks are the zones more frequently selected by the piercing lovers.

According to a study conducted by URJC, 72% of people with piercing in their mouth have suffered from these complications: inflammation that can extend up to 5 weeks, pain, difficulties in speaking or masticating, taste perversion, halitosis, excessive formation of dental tartar, dental fractures, bleeding gums, allergies, infections, etc.

Furthermore, these problems could result in more serious problems. The injury which worries us more is the periodontal one: it occurs in almost half of the people wearing piercings. The continuous friction between the mouth and the metal, can cause an accumulation of bacterial plaque in the lower teeth, which will promote gingivitis at the same time and finally, periodontitis. Piercings on the lips will probably provoke recessions on gums leaving more dental surface exposed and contributing to the subsequent loss of teeth.

Ortiz-Vigón Clinic wants to warn about the risks of having this type of piercing because we always think about your oral health. Despite the information if you decide to wear a piercing, we strongly recommend you to visit us from the first moment for a comprehensive follow-up to know how the piercing affects your mouth and to avoid irreversible diseases’ development.

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