Mentoring Bilbao Program

Our dental clinic, directed and represented by Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón, was one of the 14 participating companies of the third Mentoring Bilbao Program edition organized by Bilbao City Council and Bilbao Ekintza, the city council’s local development agency which aims to promote trade and Bilbao’s companies and neighborhoods as well as to boost entrepreneurship and innovation.

This program is oriented to SME’s of the city and aims to advise them in order to leverage their competitive advantages. Since 2008, 87 businesses and SMEs have participated.

The mentor who has collaborated with our dental clinic was Jorge García del Arco, CEO and founder of Improve Challenge company, committed to developing actions that solve social problems through a sustainable model (economically, socially and environmentally). We also want to take this opportunity to greatly thank his involvement and dedication to our project by contributing with differential keys based on his knowledge and long experience.

Mentoring program’s principal objectives are the following ones:

  • To develop the capacities and skills of the mentees to improve the implantation of their business and its later management.
  • To use the experience and the knowledge of the mentor to acquire the necessary experience.
  • To develop a strategic vision in the implantation of the business.

The actions that the participants (including Ortiz-Vigón Clinic with doctor Alberto Ortiz-Vigón at the head) have carried out to reach these goals are:

  • Training directed to mentors and mentees.
  • Periodic meetings with the mentor and the mentee.
  • Follow-up meetings with professionals of Bilbao Ekintza.

It was a pleasure for us to take part in this so wealth-producing initiative. This experience serves us to continue working for the search of excellence in the care quality for our patients.

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