We find ourselves plunged in the summer and even if we are supposed to be more relaxed during this period of the year, we often feel more stressed trying to get as much as possible done before going on holidays. As your dentist, we would like to explain which are the consequences of suffering from stress.

Demi Moore sin diente

Not long ago, we all could see in the online mass media a few photos of the famous American actress Demi Moore without one of her teeth. Some days later, the interpreter made clear that the loss of the piece was due to the stress she suffers. Well, we would like to bring some light on the subject.

Consequences on oral health caused by stress

Stress is a state of mind and/or body of maximum tension and being stressed may cause some problems on your health. These are some of the consequences that requiere a visit to the dentist:

  • Bruxism: as we have previously explained, bruxism is mandibular dysfunction that consists of clenching or grinding teeth unconsciously. Although it is not considered as a severe illness, it is necessary to visit a dentist.
  • Sores: sores are small white erosions surrounded by redness formed on the gums. When the sores are provoked by stress is due to the weakened immune function.
  • Tooth decay: stress increases saliva’s acidity, which directly affects teeth enamel and puts us at additional risk of tooth decay.

Be careful with stress if you suffer from periodontal disease, talk to your dentist

Periodontal disease is caused by a genetic susceptibility of the patient to suffer from this disease. In view of this situation, there are some factors such as tobacco, bad hygiene habits or systemic diseases such as diabetes that influence the degree of advance. The most dangerous ones are both bad hygiene and smoking, followed by the two-way relation with systemic diseases and to a lesser extent, stress. We are speaking about trigger factors, not predisposing factors. This means stress does not cause periodontal diseases, but it has influence over them.

Si padece estrés, quizá deba acudir al dentista

Therefore, if you are a patient with periodontitis, stress may also accelerate its progress in two different ways. The first one concerns to behaviour: when people feel stressed they tend to leave healthy habits and to acquire harmful ones making bacteria grow: to eat and drink sugary foods, to smoke or to drink more alcohol.

Another way stress may worse gingivitis and periodontitis is because during this state of mind the body releases a hormone called cortisol and if the release happens pheripherally on the gums, swelling could be stimulated. Last but not least, it should be remembered sometimes periodontal disease happens to be painless, leading the patient to a greater risk of neglect.

¿Could this be exactly what happened to Demi Moore? In any case, do not hesitate to contact your dentist in Bilbao if you don’t want to end up like Ghost actress. At Ortiz-Vigón Clinic we have the most personalized treatments for you.

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