Navidad y galletas

Before we have time to realize, here has again come Christmas time. These are significant dates and even if it is true there are people who do not enjoy these days, for many others it’s time for joy, illusion, magic and reunions with family and friends. It is undeniable we breathe a different atmosphere and during this period of the year, we undertake activities out of our routines.

And we talk about Christmas, we must talk about lunches and dinners. Big, abundant, lunches and dinners in which we use to eat more than we usually do the rest of the year, as well as tasting new culinary delights. We do not want to be seen as killjoys, but we should remind people how some foods and/or excesses may affect to oral health.  

To keep in mind at meals

  • Sweets: marzipans, bonbons… dessert time in Christmas is, with no doubt, a sugar party. Eating so much quantity of sugar we elevate the risk of caries and dental sensitivity rises.
  • Hard foods: nougat, seafood, etc.: we must be cautious in biting this type of products because our teeth may become damaged, especially if you have composite or porcelain veneers.
  • Acid drinks: white wine above red wine, bear, soft drinks, energetic drinks… In Christmas time, we tend to ignore water and we drink other kind of drinks. Just to recall that mentioned drinks’ acidity affects especially to your oral health.

Do not forget your good habits and enjoy

Routine changes also disrupt our oral habits. In Ortiz-Vigón Clinic we would like you to enjoy Christmas holidays, but first we would also like to give you some little tips:

Navidad y regalo

  1. Toothbrush always available: many of the lunches and dinners happen outside home. Not only that, we tend to eat more between meals. It does not require much effort to carry the toothbrush and a toothpaste away with us, even if they are travel size, so we do not lose the habit of cleaning our teeth. It only takes a few minutes!
  2. Do not ignore your dentist’s advice: if you are following a dental treatment, do not neglect your doctor’s guidelines. If not, your treatment can go worse, or fall behind, or be ruined. Try to combine joy and practice!
  3. Useful gifts: sometimes, indeed, we found ourselves on troubles because we have no idea of which are the gifts we can buy. The products that can help the oral health go better, such as an electric toothbrush, can be the right choice.

And finally, Ortiz-Vigón Clinic wants to recommend… smiling. It will not only bring you more happiness, but also for those around you. If have followed the right steps with oir oral health, why shouldn’t we be proud of our smile and show it? Merry Christmas and enjoy!

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