School-year will be over soon, the kindergarten close and holidays begin. Many parents take advantage of this time of the year to take their children to the dentist. Oral health is something that worries us and there are aspects that cause us to raise questions very often. Today, we are going to try to solve some of them:

At what age should we take children to the dentist?

The best option is the kid to have his first dental check at the age of one. It is true that the child will not have all the teeth, but we recommend a first preventive visit.

At what age do the teeth grow?

The first teeth coming out are central incisors which will grow from 6 months of age. Lower ones will be first growing and after that, upper ones. From 8 months of age, it will be lateral incisors’’ turn.

The first molars will appear when the kid is 1 years old. The baby will not have his/her eye teeth grown until 15 months of age. Finally, second molar will grow between the age of 2-3.

How does the pacifier affect to a kid’s mouth?

The pacifier itself does not necessarily produce dental malformations if children stop making use of it before he/she is aged 3. The damages that might have been caused during the first 3 years of his/her life are reversible. Pacifier’s long-term use beyond 3 years could lead to oral-lingual malformations.

When do the baby teeth fall?

Generally, milk teeth start falling from the age of 5. First teeth growing will be also the first ones falling. After that, the definite teeth begin to grow. Usually, the children have all the definite teeth at the age of 12, although it varies from one kid to another.

How to avoid being afraid of dentists?

The best way to avoid the fear children have of dentists is by making the visit a regular habit. If we make kids get used to go to the dentist from time to time, the clinic will become a familiar environment.

Furthermore, parents’ behavior towards the dentists is very important. Adults should try not relaying fear on children and avoid making negative comments about the doctor.

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