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Summer is around the corner and everybody has started worrying about bikini operation, diets and looking good. But, what about the Happy Smile Operation? In many occasions, we tend to think that showing off a beautiful and healthy smile only depends on good hygiene habits or odontology treatments, but diet has also a direct influence on our smile.

There are certain foods which are beneficial for our dental health, and therefore, for our happy smile.

First, we must outline water. Water without gas, such as saliva, helps fighting the acid components and the sugar left after eating. These might cause teeth demineralization and drinking water is a perfect solution so… let’s hydrate ourselves!

Foods rich in calcium and D vitamin, such as milk and its derivatives, make our teeth and bones stay strong and healthy, thereby reducing the risk of losing teeth. Moreover, cheese contains a huge calcium quantity that will be combined with our dental plaque which is adhered to our teeth in a scarcely visible way and produced by bacteria and sugar from foods. The extra calcium inserted in our teeth will protect them and help rebuild their enamel. So, dairy products are the perfect ingredient for desserts in summer.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots, do not only refresh our breath but also help remove plaque from our teeth, the principal cause of caries formation. But be careful! Citric fruits, pomelo and lemon for example, have high acid content which could harm the dental enamel and erode teeth. They should be eaten in moderation.

C vitamin intervenes on the collagen build-up, essential in the process of tissues’ construction and restoration, such us gums. Thus, fruits and vegetables with C vitamin protect our gums and other tissues from our mouth.

According to some researches, and even if they are not very popular in our diet, eating fresh cranberries is beneficious for our dental health. It seems they prevent from bacteria build-up and the already mentioned plaque. However, we should be cautious with the consume: the pigment that gives them color can be adhered to the teeth and stain them.

Finally, as we have said in other occasions, sugar free chewing gums stimulate saliva production, which helps maintaining the mouth clean. Saliva contributes to the teeth cleaning, removing food leftovers. But what chewing gum flavor should we chose? We prefer mint flavored ones because some acids are used to create other types of tastes such as strawberry, watermelon or wild berries.

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