halitosis mal aliento

Huge numbers of adults have halitosis problems, commonly known as bad breath. This problem complicates to lead a normal life. However, we can skip the problem if we know the many reasons that could cause it.

Halitosis may be caused for several different reasons. One of them is very common: morning breath. The saliva flow diminishes while we sleep and that causes more bacteria comparing to the quantity we produce during the day. These bacteria produce stinking gases. Consuming certain drugs cause dental dryness that at the same time bring out bad breath due to the decrease of saliva. Blooms of bacteria may lead to caries as well as stinky breath. One more time, oral hygiene is our best ally.

The quality of our breath worsens with age. Salivary glands tend to lose their functionality, reflecting on both quantity and quality of saliva. In case of using removable dental prosthesis is very important taking it off before sleeping. Otherwise, it can cause an unpleasant odor.

Some causes related to our diet could be more easily controllable. We already know that after eating certain food such as garlic and onion or drinking alcohol we are going to have bad breath. These types of products contain a series of components which are absorbed at gastrointestinal level, then metabolized and finally, expelled through the lungs.

Among the reasons for suffering from halitosis we cannot miss our worst enemy: tobacco. Smoking causes a specific breath that can be extended up for several days.

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