June González

Administration and accounting

Conociendo a... June

The clinic and the patients

How did you end up working at Ortiz-Vigón Clinic?

It happened by chance, an acquaintance I met during an educational training helped me. At that time, I was working as a human resources manager of administration, but I wanted to change my professional path and live another kind of experiences. So I did not have any doubt when the opportunity to work here came.

Which three qualities must have someone whose job is the same as yours?

First of all, I would say empathy but I think this is an appropiate quality for any job position inset into a team. Secondly, I would say personal and professional involvement and in the last place, I would say responsibility.

How is a workday for you at the clinic?

Hectic. Everyday happens something that changes a little bit what was scheduled and it has to be fixed immediately. These setbacks make everyday different. But of course, I am always sticked to my agenda because it helps me organize my day.

Which is the major satisfaction of working at Ortiz-Vigón Clinic?

On the one hand, to see our patients satisfied with our attention and the treatment they have gone through. On the other hand, working in a place where innovative and pioneering projects are carried out at all levels is always encouraging.

How differs this clinic from the rest?

The attention we pay to our patients and the constant committment to excellence, to be better everyday.


June, en uno de sus viajes posa en plan Rocky

If you did not have this job, what do you think you will be doing?

I cannot say with certainty what I think I would be doing. However, I always wanted to be director of human resources in a big enterprise. 

A quality you appreciate in people?

I believe empathy is a quality that can make easier anyone’s life.

A quality that defines you?


A hobby?

Snow. It’s been little time since I started practising it, but I am really hooked. I like handball too, but unfortunately, I quit long time ago.


Philias , not phobias

A book: “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne

A film or a series: Alive

A song: any of the songs by Marc Anthony

A place to lose yourself: Sanabria


June González is not the only workmate who has shared her personal aspect. Would you like to know how did they start working here, what they love or what are other members of the team like?

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