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Prosthetics and Implants

Conociendo a Carmen

The clinic and the patients

How did you star with the clinic?

I’ve always like the surgical field and after finishing my Medicine studies, there was a Stomatology examen. I did the examen and I granted a place. Y told to myself: “let’s see if I like this field…”. I tried and I liked it. After finishing my Stomatology specialty, I opened the Clinic at Gran Vía main street and that’s how the clinic was born.

You were an entrepreneur…

I was a realistic person rather than a entrepreneur one. I wanted to work and that’s what I did.

Did you ever thought about working for someone else?

No. I wanted to be my own boss, that was completely clear for me. And I have to tell that things were easier when I started.

Which three qualities must have someone whose job is the same as yours?

To be a hardworker and rather than being intelligent, she or he should be willing to learn. It is crucial to be ready to work all the time is needed. An heor she, should also be honest.

Does your job requiere permanent reskilling?

Yes, pretty much. This field changes everyday. It has changed a lot since I started.

Which is your routine at the clinic?

I arrive one hour before I begin treating the patients, that is to say, at 7 in the morning. At that point, I review the day’s schedule, I observe the partients’ scanners, what I have to do with each of them and I have time I try to read some articles of the scientific magazines we have here. Later, at 8am, I get started seeing patients. From tha moment and on, I continuosly work until the time to leave comes, which means until 5 or 6 in the afternoon.

Carmen junto con la joven doctora Mariana G.Axpe

Besides being the visible leader of a personal and vivid proyect, which is the best part of it?

To see how happy people goes home, the satisfaction of the patients.

Do people usually tell you how happy they are with the work you’ve done with them?

To be honest, yes. People are happy, they come here as if this was their home, and I think it is very important. Furthermore, I also like to do well my work, I do not only do it for my patients, I also do it for myself. 

How differs this clinic from the rest?

We are very up-to-date and we treat our patients with honesty. We try to do what they ask for within the possibilities.

I guess you could tell a thousand of stories…

Even two thousands! (laughs). Some patients want to invite me to a dinner, they want me to go with them! (laughs). Of course it is not necessary, but I am very grateful to those details. Many people have told me ttheir life has changed. It is very curious that people do not pay attention to other people often. We have recovered almost the whole mouth for some women and they tell us that their husband have not even noticed! The pay very little attention! (laughs). More seriously, people should feel weel for themselves, not to like others.

Any tip for our patients?

They have to take care of themselves, the mouth is an important source of infection and its is necessary to keep up strict hygiene habits. The mouth is very important, not only in terms of aesthetic which is what people gives importance to nowadays, but in terms of health, which is what really matters.

Do you tkink people are more aware of the importance of health?

Yes, absolutely. People have changed mainly due to aesthetic reasons. In the past, people wanted to eat well, eat and masticate well. These days, people want to look good, also to eat well, but in the first place they want to look good.

So, the only reason for a higher awareness is the aesthetic?

Well, people now read more and they know more things. But I think the responsibility of raising awareness on oral health is ours, the professionals’.


A Carmen le gusta la nieve

If you did not have this job, what would Carmen Carbinero do?

If I would not have studied Medicine, I think I would be an architect.

A quality you appreciate in people?


A quality that defines you?


A hobby?

I like painting. I like skiing. I like playing golf. I like gardening. I like reading… I have many hobbies! In fact, I drewthe painting of the rhino we have in the hall myself! To be honest, I feel really well drawing, I feel relieved. And it happens the same to me when it comes to gardening… I love digging!

So you are the one behind the plants and the flowers inside the cabinets…

Yes of course! (laughs)


Philias, not phobias

A book: Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome

A film or a series: Breakfast at Tiffanys (such as María Cano)

A song: Puccini’s  La bohème

A place to lose yourself: anywhere in the snow


Carmen Carnicero is not the only workmate who has shared her personal aspect. Would you like to know how did they start working here, what they love or what are other members of the team like?

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