Not so long ago, we talked about some lies, half-truths and false dental myths that have been considered correct statements due to misinformation or lack of knwoledge. We have alredy denied some of those beliefs, but there are still more. So let’s go with more false dental myths.

6.Diet has no influence on oral health: 

Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, there are certainly some foods which are of benefit to oral health. First of all, it is important to highlight the significant role water plays in our oral health, because as well as saliva, water helps clear the acid and the sugar left over betweeen our teeth. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D such as milk products help teeth stay strong and healthy, and fresh fruits and vegetables help remove plaque; vitamin C helps to regenerate tissues such as gums. But there are more.
Que la alimentación no influye es parte de los falsos mitos dentales

7.It is normal to become teethless as you grow older:

Not necessarily. In other words, tooth loss is not inherent to age so we should not lose teeth as we get older. If it does not exist any pathology, throughout the entire life a correct dental hygiene is mantained and and regular visits to dentist have prevailed, tooth loss should not happen.

8.Painless gums, healthy gums:

This is false. Painless gums are not a sign of oral health. Furthermore, in the early stages of periodontal disease the pathology may not appear any obvious symptoms. This is why it is so necessary to periodically visith with your dentist, because he/she is the only person who can detect an oral health related problem in spite of not showing any sign.

9.Oral cleanings damage the enamel:

Ii is quite the opposite. A professional oral cleaning remove the accumulated plaque and tartar and thereby, it prevents from suffering from future diseases.

10.Implant rejection is very common:

Nowadays, the majority of dental implants are made of surgical titanium, an absolutely biocompatible material whichc has the capacity to heal in the bone. Placing titanium implants, that will substitute natural teeth, is a straightforward operation and minimally invasive.

How many false dental myths did you believe before reading our posts? Do yo have more doubts on oral health? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you to improve your oral health and the appearence of the mouth.

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