Everything for your comfort


New premiere! As we have been doing for the last 30 years, we keep trying to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible. Our last incorporation to obtain it are the new relaxing neck cushions.

Your comfort is above everything else. We know a visit to the dentist may cause different feelings on a patient and that is why our service is based on achieving your highest comfort before, during and after coming to us. As part of this commitment, we announce our new relaxing neck cushions which have already been included in our clinic. These little details help the patient to feel like being at home.

The new pillows include an option to activate a vibration which will gently massage the patient’s cervical.  Thanks to the massage effect, we will succeed in reducing stress of those ones who feel anxious when they visit the dentist.

This initiative joins others such as the ZEISS cinemazer OLED glasses that can be already found in our clinic. You can watch a documentary while you are having your dental treatment with these glasses.

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