Dr. Ortiz-Vigón and Dr. Gross at SEPA’s 9th Research Classroom

SEPA’s (Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration) 9th Research Classroom was held in Oviedo during 10th and 11th of March. SEPAPrograma Aula celebrated in Oviedo the Classroom IX of Investigation Investigation (Spanish Company of Periodoncia and Osteointegración), Programa-Oviedodeveloped within the 16th Course on Research Methology in Periodontics of University of Oviedo. Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón and Dr. Esperanza Gross took parte on the mentioned event.

The approached topic was The role of dental’s biofilm bacteria in periodontal diseases. How to study interactions between parasite-host in the 21st century, analyzing it from the perspective of how the assault of the subgingival biofilm takes place, as well as from the analysis of how the subject’s immune response is articulated. As SEPA explains, “new technologies’ development makes possible to know in major depth the classic pillars on which are based the peridontal diseases. Not only from the perspective of subgingival biofilm’s pathogenecity model side, but also from the perspective of problems and benefits generated by guest’s response in both gingivitis and periodontitis diseases”.

Esperanza Gross and Alberto Ortiz-Vigón doctors contributed with a Researh Protocol. On the other hand, Dr. Ortiz-Vigón sitted as a jury in research communications.

Dra. Gross en Aula Investigación

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