2nd Module Study Club: Dental Photography

Last Friday Ortiz-Vigón Clinic – PerioCentrum Bilbao held again the celebration of a new module of the Study Club program. The second module carried out this year 2017 was centred on dental photography, its good use and the relevancy of being able to handle appropriatly the photographic technology in favor of a better communication with colleagues and dental laboratories.

Módulo 2 de Study Club: fotografía dental

The course was given by our teammate Dr. Erik Regidor, specialist in periodontics and implants and with large expertise in the world of the odontolgy, who also turns out to be coodirector of Study Club of Bilbao. This way, Dr. Regidor explains the importance of the photography in the odontologic sector: “At present the photography is an auxiliary indispensable element for the diagnosis, planning, design of the smile and communication between colleagues and with the laboratories. Nevertheless, the cost of the equipments of photography, together with the complexity of its use, often they make us desist from using it in our daily practice. With this course we will try to simplify the procedures and to make this resource accessible to the whole personnel of the team.”

Learninh how to improve our communication with patients

Curso de comunicación con pacientes

On the other hand, Ortiz-Vigón Clinic’s team attended on Saturday a course organized by Dentaid whose central topic was the treatment with patients. “Skills to communicate effectively with the patients” was held at the Hotel Barceló Bilbao Nervión and was conducted by the specialist Guillermo Jávega, whose curriculum in aspects of communication makes him an expert in the subject. Licensed in Economic and Managerial Sciences in the University of Valencia, he initiated his formation in Social Skills with the multinational Elogos and MRC for multidisciplinary professionals in the Spanish territory. In addition, he has more than 13 years of experience in the management, design, development and project execution of consultancy and formation for big groups.

Our colleagues Dr. Erik Regidor, Dr. Jordi Navarro, Bego Villanueva, June Gonzalez, Cristina Carnicero, Mª Carmen Blanco, Judit Díaz, Mónica Gonzalez and Maria Castillo attended the course, and had the opportunity to work the following aspects:

  • To accompany our patients in the acquisition of oral ideal habits across the motivation.
  • To identify the reasons and motives for the treatment and the real interests.
  • Persuasive communication across the central route and the peripheral route.
  • To understand the importance of the words.
  • To be able to transmit.
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