SEPA course about peri-implant diseases

Last 8th and 9th of June was carried out in Madrid the second module of the program “Clinical management of peri-implant diseases” developed by the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration known as SEPA. Our clinical director Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón, took part as a speaker in this second training module.

The formative program driven by SEPA counts with specialists and experts in the field of periodontics as teachers. As we say, Dr. Ortiz-Vigón belongs to this group of specialists responsible for this training program. “Clinical management of periimplantitis: communication, economic plan and monitoring” and “Management of the aesthetic sequels of periinplantitis” have been the theoretical classes taught by Dr. Ortiz-Vigón.

In addition, during the course the students could put into practice the acquired knowledge in models of silicone as in pork jaw. As a closure for the course, Dr. Ignacio Sanz, coordinator of the program, conducted a live surgery that was guided for the students by Dr. Ortiz-Vigón.

Specialization in peri-implant diseases

It’s been years since Dr. Ortiz-Vigón, specialist in Periodontics and Implatology, started investigating peri-implant diseases. In fact, not long ago, it was published an article written by Dr. Ortiz-Vigón together with Dr. Erik Regidor and Dr. Jordi Navarro, both periodontists of our team, on “Peri-implant mucous recessions”. The study about “Influence of the prosthetic abutment in the peri-implant bone marginal loss” also elaborated together with doctors Regidor and Navarro, as well as with doctor Esperanza Gross, also member of our team of odontologists.

On the other hand, doctor Ortiz-Vigón inaugurated the section ” Your dental guide” for patients and he fgocused on the subject matter of peri-implant diseases. A video in which our clinical director explains the basic concepts patients must know about periimplantitis and that reveals the divulgative commitment of our team.

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