Connection between periodontal disease and diabetes


Diabetes includes a group of metabolic diseases in which an alteration of the glucose happens, a fact that brings up hyperglycemia. Amongst diabetics, there is an increase in the tendency to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. It is also frequent to associate it with hypertension and there is a bidirectional relationship with periodontal diseases. Moreover, it is estimated that 6% of diabetic patients are not diagnosed in Spain.


Periodontal diseases

On the other side, periodontal diseases are those that affect the tissues around the teeth (bone and gum). Local periodontal diseases’ consequence is tooth loss and focusing on a general level, the presence of bacteria could set out towards blood increasing the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, premature birth, diabetes decompensation, etc.  It is estimated that 10% of people aged 65+ would be exempted of suffering from gum problems.

Link between diabetes and periodontal diseases

In the last years, it is more and more evident the bidirectional relationship between the periodontal disease and diabetes. It is to say, diabetes worsts the periodontal disease and this one, at the same time, tends to badly affect or conditionate the control around glycaemia.  Diabetes causes an exaggerated inflammatory response and accelerates the destruction of the teeth’s support tissues. Periodontitis gets increased the resistance to insulin so the diabetes activation is favored.

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