Clinical internships


Through our clinical residency programme you will learn to treat patients from an interdisciplinary viewpoint: from the basics of Periodontics and Implantology, in a personalised manner in a specialist clinic.

Interns may acquire the knowledge necessary for periodontal treatment, fitting implants, and restoring these, or updating their knowledge on the latest scientific and technological developments.


The main objectives are:

  • To provide the knowledge needed to be able to reach a correct diagnosis and plan complex clinical cases.
  • To obtain the necessary skills to be able to resolve periodontal cases, from the simplest to the most complex: periodontal surgery; tissue regeneration and mucogingival plastic surgery.
  • To gain a thorough knowledge of surgical protocols for implantology: sinus lifts, bone block grafts and guided bone regeneration.
  • To become familiar with the prosthetic procedures for cemented and screw-retained restorations.
  • To become familiar with the different attachments to restore unit and multiple implants
  • To integrate the latest advances and knowledge of the technique of immediate loading.

Internships for Odontologists and Hygienists

In PerioCentrum’s clinics, as well as In Ortiz-Vigón Clinic, we offer the opportunity to undertake clinical internships directed to dentists as well as to hygienists:

  • Internships for Odontologists: personalized and made-to-measure internships’ program. The students themselves plan their own program in order to attend the treatments they are interested in. Once they have finished the program, the attendants will have gained enough confidence to put into practice what they have learnt. However, we are at the disposal of the students to help them in the scheduling of their first cases.
  • Internships for Hygienists: specific, personalized and customized program of clinical internships for hygienists such as the successful internships conducted for dentists. In this type of internships, the attendants have the chance to know the working methodology of our hygienists and, that way, they can gain knowledge and confidence in discharging their duties in their usual workplaces.