We are happy to announce that, once again, Ortiz-Vigón Clinic’s website has obtained accreditation for Certified Medical Web, a seal of quality. We are very satisfied for being recognized by a website that gurantees quality and reliability, another example that shows we are a guarantee of professionalism and rigour in the city of Bilbao. All those who want to check its validity, they only have to click on the logo displayed at the footer of our frontpage.

Clínica Ortiz-Vigón de Bilbao obtiene el sello Web Médica Acreditada

The Certified Medical Web accreditation (also know is Spanish as Web Médica Careditada – WMA), is an international quality and certification programme of health-related content websites that was launched in 1999 by the Medical Association of Barcelona (Spain). The aim of this certification programme is to set up a trustworthy virtual community of health websites. Therefore, the recognition of this waulity seal means Ortiz-Vigón Clinic – PerioCentrum Bilbao has health-related reliable contents. The aim of this certificate program is the improvement of online health information and serve as a reliable reference for doctors, health professionals, patients and citizens. For example, now you can check the college membership and the membership number of all our doctors. This is only one of the good practices we have recently executed.

However, we are not satisfied and we will continue working to be not only a trustworthy website, but also a reliable oral clinic in which professionals and patients can trust.

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