Mentoring Bilbao Program

Programa Mentoring Bilbao - Clínica dental Ortiz-Vigón

Our dental clinic, directed and represented by Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón, was one of the 14 participating companies of the third Mentoring Bilbao Program edition organized by…

SEPA course about peri-implant diseases

El Dr. Ortiz-Vigón, ponente en el curso SEPA sobre enfermedades periimplantarias

Dr. Ortiz-Vigón, our clinical director, took part at SEPA’s course as a teacher as well as a guide for the students in a live surgery carried out by the well-known…

Regenerative periodontal therapy

Study Club Bilbao de ITI módulo1: terapia periodontal regenerativa

Study Club Bilbao of ITI have already started. Last April 6 we held the first meeting about Regenerative Periodontal Therapy. A live surgery and…

Total success. Thank you!

Éxito total de Dental Campus

Total success of the II Dental Campus Congress, held March 16 at the headquarters of COEM and which counted with the participation of more than 200 attendees…

Dental face to face

Cara a cara odontológico en el congreo organizado por la Universidad de Padua

Curious initiative organized by Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy) in which several doctors of PerioCentrum’s different clinics have taken part to approach the hottest topics in…

Digital transformation

Transformación digital: nuestro personal clínico, siempre a la vanguardia

Training day for our clinical personnel, who participated in a course for professionals of the odontology in which digitalization was the main topic. Latest technology…

H2020 Maxibone European Project

Poyecto Europeo H2020 Maxibone - Dr. Ortiz-Vigón

Dr. Ortiz-Vigón participated as a work package leader to present the clinical protocol to the European Consortium and representatives of the European…

Registration period is now open

Residencias clínicas en Bilbao

For the clinical residence to be carried out next February 28 at Ortiz-Vigón Clinic which will be focused on a clinical case of complete upper rehabilitation and…

II Dental Campus Congress

Congreso Dental Campus, un congreso para odontólogos organizado por PerioCentrum Academy

Barely a month for the II Dental Campus Congress. The speakers and the moderators first-hand reveal what is this innovative congress about. Are you going to miss it?

Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy

Curso de Terapia Periodontal No Quirúrgica

Great reception of the second edition of this course celebrated in PerioCentrum Academy, which will have continuity in the next dates with the course…

Clinical residences for dentists

Residencias clínicas para dentistas del Dr. Franco

The program of clinical internships for dentists remains in force also during 2018. During these days we had the presence of Dr. Jose Franco, who is…

Bye 2017… Hello 2018!

Agur 2017... Hola 2018 en Mimo San Sebastian

We had time for a break to celebrate an exciting 2017 and to give a warm welcome to an exhilarating 2018. Our way of saying Bye 2017 … Hello 2018! Guess how…

Clinical trial of periimplantitis

Proyecto de investigación sobre periimplantitis

Dr. Ortiz-Vigón has recently travelled to Sweden to attend the invitation of Sahlgrenska’s Academy’s periodontics department of the University of Gothenburg to be part of a clinical…

Week of clinic residences

Residencias clínicas en Bilbao

The program of clinical residences for hygienists and assistants of PerioCentrum has made possible to have with us new two the professionals in our day to day during…

Care quality arisen from management

Calidad asistencial desde la gestión en el Diploma Dirección Clínica y Gestión Odontológica

Our colleague June Gonzalez, person in charge of Administration and HR, is pursuing higher studies to improve care quality arisen from management…

Multidisciplinary training

Nuestras compañeras en el curso de Paciente Periodontal, un reto para el higienista dental

Several members of the diverse clinic departments have taken part in different courses and events that have leveraged the multidisciplinary educational training that helps to be on top…

Update on Periimplantitis

Study Club sobre "Actualización en Periimplantitis"

The third session of Bilbao’s Study Club of ITI was successfully held. It was taught by the renowned speacialist Dr. Antonio Liñares and…

People-centred innovation

Curso de Bilbao Ekintza "Innovación centrada en las personas"

We participated in a workshop organized by Bilbao Ekintza that was geared towards companies firmly commited to innovation…

Ongoing educational sessions

Ortiz-Vigón Clinic’s team keeps trying to broaden the professional horizons and at the same time, PerioCentrum Academy has started the first part…

Lots of #thinkingperio activities


A specialized course coordinated by Dr. Ortiz-Vigón and conducted by Dr. David Herrera at Bizkaia’s Official Dentists’ College and PerioCentrum…

The academic year has begun

Terapia Periodontal no Quirúgica

Periocentrum’s academic offer keeps growing. We are happy to announce the celebration of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy’s first edition, in which Alberto Ortiz-Vigón and Jordi Navarro doctors have participated.

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