Tomar medicamentos cuando se está resfriado

Colds, flus and other type of affections are very common during this freezing period of the year. Usually, we take prescribed medicines or drugs bought at the pharmacy without prescription to get better. Besides those drugs we take exceptionally, some people must take medicines during a long-time-period in order to follow a treatment prescribed by a specialist.

Leaving aside the discussion centered on the high (or low) quantity of drugs we take during our lifetime, which is subject to many diverse opinions, it is true that medication leaves traces in our mouth. However, it is important to outline that not all drugs produce the same effects on everybody. Let’s see which may be those effects:

1. Dry mouth:

It does not seem very important but saliva is very significant for our oral cavity. To mention just a few, the medicines that may produce dryness are: antidepressants, antihistamines, asthma inhalers, decongestants or muscle relaxants.

2. Caries:

Some drugs such as syrups, cough drops or vitamin pills contain sweeteners, exposing our teeth to a higher risk of suffering from caries. Do not forget to brush your teeth after taking them.

3. Altered gums:

They can be affected by showing increased bleeding, principally produced by the intake of anticoagulants and drugs for blood supply. On the other hand, gums may also be swollen in case we take calcium channels blockers, which are used for hypertension and migraines for example.

4. Ulcers:

These troublesome wounds can be produced due to several drugs such as aspirins, ibuprofens, or medicines for chemotherapy treatment.

5. Bad breath:

Some antibiotics produce stomach upset and as a consequence we can suffer from temporary bad breath. Gastric protectors and brushing our teeth after taking them may help us to avoid it.

Informar a sus doctores de la medicación

Therefore, do not be scared if you feel changes during a medical treatment. The most important fact is to not self-medicate and always see your doctor or a pharmacist in case the medicine does not need prescription. To take drug is necessary as well as harmful if we take them without control. Moreover, we would like to take advantage and remind you the importance of letting know your dentist if you are following any treatment. In fact, coordination between professionals from different fields can enable any health process.

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