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embarazo y afecciones bucales

Oral conditions during pregnancy

Some conditions that occur during pregnancy are very well-known, but those related to oral health can be less popular. Discover the changes mouth experiences during those nine months.

Deporte y atletas

Sports practice and oral health

Oral health has a big and diverse influence on your performance if you usually practice sport. If you frequently have injuries, maybe the origin does not lay where you think.

Bruxismo y dientes

Bruxism: when teeth grind

Do your jaw, head, ears or neck feel in pain? Do you have worn teeth? Maybe you are facing a bruxism problem. In other words, your teeth grind.

Manifestaciones bucodentales VIH

Oral manifestations and HIV

According to WHO, “oral manifestations are among the earliest and most important indicators of infection with HIV”. Find them out and reinforce prevention.